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Investing in Talented Early Career Researchers

At the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, we are training the next generation of scientific leaders in cancer immunotherapy.

In 2016, we created three programs – the Parker Scholars, the Parker Bridge Scholars and the Parker Fellows – to help the most talented and ambitious early career researchers advance in the field and translate their discoveries into therapies. These programs give early career researchers the opportunity to think outside the box, expand their research, share ideas and connect and collaborate with leaders and peers in cancer immunotherapy.

“I was drawn to the idea of funding emerging projects that are risky. My project is not conventional, so it is very encouraging to be part of a program that supports different ideas and hypotheses. It really pushes me to think outside of the box.”

– Roberta Zappasodi, Parker Scholar at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

“As a physician-scientist, my time is limited so there isn’t much room to pursue high-risk and high-impact ideas. The Parker Bridge Scholars program gives me the flexibility to pursue ideas I wouldn’t be able to pursue without the additional funding, resources and access to the cancer immunotherapy community.”

– Ansuman Satpathy, Parker Bridge Scholar at Stanford Medicine

The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy recently welcomed seven talented early career researchers in cancer immunotherapy to its network as part of the Parker Scholars, Parker Bridge Scholars and Parker Fellows programs. These researchers will receive a total of up to $3.1 million in funding and the opportunity to train with top scientists in the field, to support them as they embark on their research to move the field forward.

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