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Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
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Early Career Researchers

Investing in Next Generation Talent

We have an ambitious mission. Not only do we invest in the talent of today, we train the cancer immunotherapy leaders of tomorrow. Our financial support, access to cutting-edge technology, impressive network of scientists, and resources empower the next generation of leaders. With PICI, these early career researchers can take bold questions and big ideas and turn them into research that has the potential to transform immunotherapy treatments.


Active Scholars, Bridge Fellows and Senior Fellows


Early Career Researchers Supported

Parker Scholars, Bridge Fellows and Senior Fellows

Since our inception, we’ve been planning for the future. And the brightest young investigators in cancer immunotherapy are the future. In 2016, we launched the Parker Scholars, Parker Bridge Fellows and Parker Senior Fellows to support the most ambitious early career researchers. Risk-taking is required. New thinking is mandatory. We challenge them to explore their boldest ideas to propel the field forward. We equip them with cutting-edge tools and technologies. We give them access to data from clinical trials and pre-published papers. We connect them with leading researchers and their peers in cancer immunotherapy. We do our part so they can focus on advancing their science. The end goal: a future where we don’t have to fear cancer.

  • Parker Scholars: Graduate students and researchers entering their first postdoctoral appointment who are focused on high-impact, high-risk projects.
  • Parker Bridge Fellows: Senior postdoctoral investigators who want to answer the most critical questions in cancer immunotherapy as they transition to faculty positions.
  • Parker Senior Fellows: Senior-level researchers who have recently completed their MD or PhD and are ready to establish a laboratory or independent program in cancer immunotherapy.

Young Investigator Retreats

Stimulating discussion. New connections. Big research ideas. Every year, PICI organizes an annual Young Investigator Retreat to gather rising stars in cancer immunotherapy from our member institutions so they can get to know their peers in the field, exchange ideas and ignite new ones. Based on input from these early career researchers, we create a program so they get the most out of the day:

  • Collaboration. Freedom to ask questions, learn and exchange ideas about research on both broad and granular levels.
  • Research Discussions. Presentations that spark conversations across a wide range of topics where everyone can discuss their areas of interest.
  • Networking. Meet, connect and forge new relationships in an intimate setting with peers from top institutions and PICI staff.
  • Career Development. Connect young, up-and-coming investigators at a critical stage in their careers with mentorship and access to resources that will progress their research.