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Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
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Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

More collaboration means more breakthroughs - from idea to impact

We have an ambitious agenda. Collaborations beyond academia are critical for us to elevate our research projects and to make our bold ideas a reality. Partnerships with the right pharmaceutical companies, biotechs and nonprofits propel cutting-edge cancer research. Investments in new technologies and emerging companies speed discoveries. This new level of collaboration can change the lives of patients—and ultimately, the world.

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Meet Our Experts

Tarak Mody, PhD
Chief Business Officer

John Connolly, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

The PICI Advantage

PICI offers a unique combination of expertise, resources and capabilities that includes:

  • Bridging the gap between academia and industry
  • Co-funding novel ideas and research
  • Sharing valuable data and insights from our research
  • Providing access to coordinated, cutting-edge lab infrastructure
  • Developing clinical study designs and supporting patient accrual
  • Offering the option to license future PICI discoveries and IP

Partners Help Fuel Discoveries

We look to our partners to elevate every research project and clinical trial by:

  • Co-funding novel ideas and research
  • Sharing samples and data
  • Providing experimental drugs and targets
  • Offering cutting-edge tools, reagents and sequencing