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Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
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Accelerate Breakthrough Research – From Discovery to Commercialization

A fundamental challenge in cancer research is how to bring the best ideas to the marketplace, as complex intellectual property and patent processes can be hard to navigate. Enter PICI. Our legal experts and financial support help our investigators turn their discoveries into treatments. We evaluate a discovery’s potential, ensure patent applications are compelling, and help optimize and negotiate licensing. This catalyzes their discoveries to make a real impact for patients faster.    

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Meet Our Expert

We have extensive expertise in immuno-oncology patents and provide strategic guidance and advice throughout the process.

William Healey Smith, PhD, JD
Senior Director, Intellectual Property and Licensing

The PICI Advantage

PICI offers a unique combination of expertise, resources and capabilities.

  • Access to an expert. We review draft patent applications in depth and provide informed feedback to strengthen them so our investigators have the best chance at securing a patent.
  • Navigate a complex process. We provide skilled guidance on patent prosecution in consultation with the researcher’s institution and outside counsel to protect the intellectual property and obtain rights to the invention.
  • Collaborate for the best outcomes. We facilitate introductions and connections between industry partners and our research institutions to help them secure additional funding and support for their inventions.
  • Patients are our end goal. PICI helps execute the commercial strategy to rapidly get the best treatments to the marketplace to help patients.

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Our approach means investigators can bring life-saving discoveries to patients more efficiently. Though we broker the process, the researcher’s institution retains ownership of the invention.