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Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
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Risk Taking is Rewarded

Bold ideas are required.

We clear the path from idea to outcome

Even for researchers at the top of their field – the brightest scientific minds working at the most acclaimed cancer centers in the country – obstacles to progress and success in the current research and treatment system remain. PICI was designed in collaboration with the world’s leading researchers, doctors and cancer centers to remove these barriers and turn cancer research ideas into real-world results.

Before PICI

In a broken system, the best ideas don’t always win.

  • No coordinated strategy among individual research proposals
  • Limited, small grants drive incremental advances
  • Limited organized cooperation among research groups to build upon findings

Enter PICI

But, if we let the science lead the way, the solutions will be within our reach.

  • Scientific strategy is designed by investigators
  • Funding goes to collaborative, cross-institutional teams
  • Greater flexibility on funding, risk-taking and timeframes enables major breakthroughs

Our Infrastructure

PICI is not just a grant maker.

We are an active
research institute.

We work in dynamic partnership with our scientific community. We’ve built a bespoke infrastructure to quickly mobilize discoveries and fortify the process from idea to outcome. In everything we do – whether a promising clinical trial, a new therapeutic product or novel intellectual property (IP), the path from ideation to innovation in the PICI system yields optimum results. Like the gears and gas of a race car, PICI’s infrastructure drives the concept forward with maximum efficiency and speed, all the way to the finish line.


Promising science must reach patients faster. Our legal experts help researchers navigate the patent process – from discovery to commercialization.


Making sense of data is foundational to ushering in breakthroughs. See how our informatics team uses data to drive research forward.

Strategic Partnerships

Collaborations are critical to achieving our mission. Discover how our partners help us propel cutting-edge cancer research.

Research Projects

For immunotherapy to succeed, we must advance our knowledge of the immune system’s interaction with cancer. Discover how our research team brings us closer to finding cures.

Clinical Development

Multi-center clinical trials are integral to advancing new treatments to cancer patients. Our clinical development team takes on tough cancers at the speed of life.

PICI BioTrust

Data studied in isolation limits its potential. Discover how our BioTrust integrates research to further our knowledge and spark ideas.

Our Evergreen Model

the Paradigm

For scientists to focus on discovery, their ideas require a steady stream of support. Few options are available: an endowment, finite grants that require relentless fundraising or partnerships with industry in exchange for the licensing of intellectual property. All these options are time-consuming and difficult – none are evergreen. Our model is. At PICI, we’ve built an organizational model where funding and science work together.

Money invested in PICI directly fuels and facilitates discovery. When we’re successful, revenue returns flow back into the PICI system and our research priorities. Every dollar that goes in is supercharged and highly leveraged, ensuring direct and maximum impact on the science and – more importantly, the patients.

“We are trying to bridge two worlds, the entrepreneurial and academic ways of thinking. I’m hopeful this becomes a blueprint for other philanthropists.”

Founder and Chairman