About Us

The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy was established in 2016 through a $250 million grant from The Parker Foundation. Based in San Francisco and led by Jeffrey Bluestone, PhD, the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy brings together the best scientists, clinicians, and industry partners to build a smarter and more coordinated cancer immunotherapy research effort. Our goal is to enable real collaboration, accelerating the most ambitious research to deliver new immunotherapies engineered to save lives. 

The Parker Institute is an unprecedented collaboration between the country’s leading immunologists and cancer centers:  Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Stanford Medicine, the University of California, Los Angeles, the University of California, San Francisco, the University of Pennsylvania and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The Institute builds on more than 10 years of support for immunotherapy research by Sean Parker, including his backing of the Stand Up to Cancer and Cancer Research Institute Immunotherapy Dream Team. In 2013, Parker was awarded the Oliver R. Grace Award for Distinguished Service in Advancing Cancer Research by the Cancer Research Institute.

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