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Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
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The Tumor Microenvironment: How to Break Through

To defeat solid tumors with immunotherapy, you have to breach the barriers surrounding the cancer first.


One of the greatest barriers to immunotherapy effectively working against solid tumors is the tumor microenvironment.

Like the walls of an evil fortress, the tumor microenvironment acts like a barricade around cancer, walling it off from attack.

When confronting this barrier, cancer-killing T-cells and checkpoint inhibitors ultimately fail. Even if they manage to breach the wall, the T-cells that enter the tumor undergo a chemical assault: the microenvironment is acidic, low in oxygen and full of toxins.

What We’re Doing

PICI investigators are testing new technologies to better understand and visualize how the tumor microenvironment is structured and how it functions. The more we know, the sooner we can knock down the walls and defeat the enemy.

We’ve also forged a partnership with biotech company PsiOxus to develop novel therapies that can change the microenvironment, making it easier for cancer-killing immune cells to do their job: end cancer once and for all.

Clinical Trials and Partnerships