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Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
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Parker Institute Marches for Science

On Saturday, March 22, we at the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy began the day with our usual routine – until it came time to choose clothes for the day. Instead of the normal weekend attire, we pulled over a black t-shirt with the words, “Science, Not Silence” written in bright blue letters over its front. Because later that morning we would join thousands in the historic March for Science, which would start from one end of the San Francisco and continue down Market Street, the artery of the city, to City Hall.

Why? At the root of it, we believe in science. We believe in discovery, whether in someone’s garage or in an institutional lab. We equate data as truth. And, we believe in peer-review so that our conclusions are validated and reproducible. We spend every day removing barriers to research and expediting the process so that we can bring hope to cancer patients. We dedicate ourselves to it.

Science gives us the framework to ask the questions “why?” and “how?” Without it, inventions critical to a thriving humankind today might have been lost.

Check out some pictures of from the March, including great signs from us and others on Facebook.