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Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
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Novel, Whole-body Imaging Technology Guides Immunotherapy Treatments: ImaginAb


PICI is much more than a funding model. We put resources and technologies in the hands of our researchers so they can do the best science. One way we do this is by partnering with companies that develop cutting-edge technologies in cancer research. New imaging technologies have been instrumental in understanding how cancer and the immune system interact. So we turned to ImaginAb, a biotech company focused on non-invasive, whole-body, in vivo PET imaging of CD8 T-cells, to help us map the immune system’s response to cancer. Their 89mZrCD8 Immuno-PET imaging agent will help us gain a better understanding of the right treatment for each patient.

How We Work Together

ImaginAb’s imaging platform is one of the first real-time, minimally-invasive ways to track a patient’s CD8 T-cells to show if treatment changes the level of these cells and to understand if they are getting into a tumor or not. Multiple clinical studies have shown that for checkpoint inhibitors to be effective, CD8 T-cells must be present in the tumor. The imaging technology takes a head-to-toe picture of a patient and indicates CD8 T-cells present throughout their body. PICI will use the CD8 T-cell imaging agent in our clinical trials, by taking scans at the beginning of a trial and then during or after treatment to identify changes in patient tumors. We will also give our network of researchers access to the technology to use in their research. ImaginAb has completed a phase I study showing that this imaging agent holds promise for cancer patients. This collaboration will help ImaginAb bring this technology into the broader immuno-oncology field more quickly.

Looking Forward

PICI will use ImaginAb’s CD8 T-cell imaging agent in upcoming clinical trials to gather data and inform patient treatments. We also collaborate with many other biomarker companies and will continue to identify organizations that create cutting-edge tools and resources that have potential to bring personalized medicine approaches to patients. Together, we aim to change the way cancer patients are treated by tailoring immuno-oncology treatments for the best outcomes.