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Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
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From the Origins of Immunotherapy to Curing Pediatric Cancers with Crystal Mackall, MD

In this episode, pioneering researcher Crystal Mackall, MD, Center Director for the PICI Center at Stanford Medicine, talks through what led to her contributions to cancer immunotherapy, including her point of view on tackling challenging problems like pediatric cancers. Dr. Mackall has dedicated her career to harnessing the immune system to treat cancer and was among a notable handful that helped conduct some of the first cancer immunotherapy clinical trials in the early 90s. She and PICI CSO John Connolly, PhD, explore what engineered “serial killer” T cells have to do with future treatments, the challenges of toxicity and partnering with the FDA to gain confidence in academia, all while getting into the crucial role that mentorship plays in fostering the next generation of scientific innovators.

Get ready to go from bench to fireside with an eye-opening look at the past, present and future of cancer immunotherapy, as informed by Dr. Mackall’s cutting-edge scientific experiences.

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