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Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
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Andrea Schietinger, PhD

Assistant Professor and Cancer Immunologist


Andrea Schietinger is an assistant professor and Cancer Immunologist at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She investigates immune responses to cancer, molecular mechanisms underlying tumor-induced T cell dysfunction, and new approaches for cancer immunotherapy. Schietinger’s laboratory investigates the regulatory mechanisms of T cell dysfunction in the context of tumors. They use transgenic mouse models to understand how T cell unresponsiveness in tumor-reactive T cells is molecularly and epigenetically regulated, to design strategies to override cell-intrinsic T cell dysfunction programs to improve cancer immunotherapy, and to ultimately validate the findings and insights in human cancers through collaborations with clinical investigators.

Education & Training

  • University of Hamburg, Germany, PharmD
  • University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, PhD
  • University of Munich, Germany, PhD