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Partnerships At Work


The Parker Institute is working with ImaginAb to accelerate the development of its CD8 T-cell imaging agent. The goal is to visualize the immune response before and after treatment, to guide and improve patient treatment moving forward.

Why It Works:
ImaginAb’s imaging platform is one of the first non-invasive ways to follow a patient’s CD8 T-cells to understand if they are they getting into a tumor or not, in real time. The Parker Institute will use the CD8 T-cell imaging agent in our clinical trials and also give our network of researchers access to this cutting-edge technology. Testing this imaging agent in a clinical setting, which is already showing promising data with its first patients, will help ImaginAb bring this technology into the broader immuno-oncology field more quickly.

Looking Forward:
The Parker Institute is planning to use ImaginAb’s CD8 T-cell imaging agent in an upcoming clinical trial. We will continue to identify other organizations that are creating cutting-edge tools and resources that have potential to transform the field.

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