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Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
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Samantha Bucktrout, PhD

Senior Director, Research



Samantha Bucktrout, PhD, is the director of research at PICI. She is a cellular immunologist who applies discovery, translational and clinical datasets to transformative research and clinical studies.

Prior to joining PICI, Bucktrout headed an immunotherapy research and development group at Pfizer Inc. for cancer and autoimmune indications. The focus of her research was patient T cell biology and manipulation with protein therapeutics. Bucktrout’s basic research training was garnered with two postdoc positions in groups of leading immunologists; The Bluestone Laboratory at UCSF and The Miller Laboratory at Northwestern University. Her research described novel facets of regulatory T cell plasticity and antigen presentation by dendritic cells that establish setpoints of immune tolerance and autoimmunity. Bucktrout has an extensive track record of collaborative research and leadership. She has co-authored numerous book chapters, scientific reviews, patent applications and peer reviewed manuscripts in journals including Nature Immunology, Nature Medicine and Immunity.

Bucktrout earned her bachelor of biology from the University of Aberdeen, and PhD in immunology from the University of Edinburgh.