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AACR 2019 Roundup: Notes from a Weekend of Early Stage Cancer Results

The American Association for Cancer Research’s annual meeting is wrapping up in Atlanta today. The conference typically focuses on early research and clinical work, not the big trials that can change the way doctors practice medicine and that compete for headline space at conferences like the American Society for Clinical Oncology.

But AACR has its fair share of notable news, events, and reports. In case you missed the flow of stories that started last weekend—or you just want to refresh your memory—we’ve rounded up some of the highlights here and put them in the context you need to know if you’re not an expert.

…Elsewhere, an immunotherapy combination showed positive, albeit early promise. The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy—which Napster founder Sean Parker formed with a $250 million investment in 2016—posted results from a Phase 1 study testing a combination of chemotherapy, nivolumab, and the antibody APX005M, from privately held Apexigen, which is meant to boost responses to immunotherapy.).  The early results—54 percent of the 24 evaluable patients responded—have greenlighted a Phase 2 study. Here’s more from STAT.

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