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Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
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Data is the foundation for how we make discoveries. But it can be overwhelming and challenging to navigate. Enter our Informatics team. Our statisticians, engineers, data scientists and immunology experts unite to build powerful data platforms that give us the holistic perspective we need to drive research and clinical trials across our network. Working collaboratively with our researchers and partners, we harness data to improve patient responses to immunotherapy and develop new treatments.


Research collaborations across 7 sites


patients' Data analyzed

Meet Our Experts

Our Unique Approach

PICI offers a unique combination of expertise, resources and capabilities.

  • The right team. Our experts in machine learning, immunology, data visualization and statistical methods spin messy, disparate data into actionable insights.
  • Patient-inspired. We inform clinical trial design for optimal insight into patient response, from hypothesis generation to data infrastructure to analysis.
  • Biological expertise. We stay true to the science by understanding the immune system at the molecular level.
  • New technology development. We build and test innovative technologies to drive deeper insights into human biology.
  • Data brought together for the first time. We’ve engineered a state-of-the-art platform that unifies data from our clinical trials and research projects with the vast amount of data that already exists in published research.
  • Forces combined. We identify bold, large-scale research questions that can’t be answered by one group alone, and build collaborations with our investigators to improve patient diagnoses, care and outcomes.