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Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
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Clinical Trials

Multi-center clinical trials take years to launch, slowing progress. At PICI, we design groundbreaking immunotherapy studies that move forward at the speed of life. Together with leading academic, industry and nonprofit partners, we answer the hard questions in the toughest-to-treat cancers. Always asking why some therapies work while others don’t. Our secret weapon: in-house trials management and translational medicine experts who speed trials from concept to finish line, so that discoveries can benefit cancer patients faster.


Patients treated


Trials in progress

Meet Our Experts

Ramy Ibrahim, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Theresa LaVallee, PhD
Vice President of Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs

Justin Fairchild, MPH
Executive Director, Clinical Development

Holly Huntington, RN, BSN
Director, Clinical Trial Operations

How We’re Different

  • Innovative trial designs. We consistently break the mold on how trials are designed and conducted to accelerate discoveries that benefit patients.
  • Launch trials faster. We streamlined the process to launch multi-center clinical trials to save time and money.
  • Tackle tough cancers. We explore novel treatments for historically hard-to-treat cancers that include tumors of the brain, pancreas and breast.

Clinical Trials

The PORTER Trial

A Study of Novel Combination Therapies for Metastatic Prostate Cancer

The MAHLER Trial

A Study to Explore Patient Response to Checkpoint Inhibitors in Advanced Melanoma

The PRINCE Trial

Pancreatic Cancer: Can a Combination of Immunotherapy and Chemotherapy Defeat It?

The McGRAW Trial

The Microbiome and Cancer: Can Gut Bacteria Help Immunotherapy Destroy Tumors?


Taking Cancer’s Temperature: Biomarkers for Checkpoint Response in Hot vs. Cold Tumors