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Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
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Michael Travers, PhD

Principal Software Engineer



Michael Travers, PhD, is a principal software engineer on the PICI Informatics team. His work focuses on building exploratory tools at the intersection of user experience and knowledge representation.

Prior to joining PICI he built a wide variety of systems for scientific informatics in both commercial and research settings, including platforms for combinatorial chemistry, knowledge-based bioinformatics, synthetic biology, and pathway visualization. An experienced interaction designer, he has exhibited installations at the SIGGRAPH Art Show and the Boston Computer Museum. He has held research positions at MIT AI Laboratory, IBM, SRI, and the Centre Mondial in Paris.

Travers’s academic background is at MIT where he obtained a BS in mathematics and a PhD in media arts and sciences from the Media Lab, where he did research on artificial life, learning environments, agent-based computing and narrative intelligence.