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Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
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Lacey Padrón, PhD

Vice President, Informatics



Lacey Padrón, PhD, currently serves as head of informatics at PICI. On the Informatics team, she oversees our efforts in building a state-of-the-art biological data science platform for analyzing molecular and clinical data for our clinical trials and research studies.

As a cancer survivor herself, Padrón was motivated to join PICI to bring her background in math, engineering and biology to bear on PICI’s large translational datasets and ultimately improve outcomes for patients. Padrón has over 10 years of experience in applying machine learning, statistics and data modeling to glean insights from complex biological data sets. Most recently, Padrón led a data science team at Nuna Health, analyzing healthcare data to evaluate doctors and predict outcomes for patients. She has received numerous fellowships and awards for her research, including a DARPA rising scientist award, and her interdisciplinary research has been published in journals such as Nature and Nature Neuroscience.

Padrón’s background and training includes dual bachelor’s degrees in math and physics from MIT, as well as a PhD in engineering from Stanford, where she used statistical and machine learning methods to glean novel insights from brain imaging data.