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Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
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Kwame Okrah, PhD

Staff Data Scientist



Kwame Okrah, PhD, is a staff data scientist, informatics at PICI. He collaborates with scientists across the organization to generate insights from clinical and biomarker data. His career interests include the interplay between early stage drug development and bioinformatics, particularly how biomarker data can be used to tailor personalized cancer treatments for patients.

Kwame previously worked as an early phase oncology biostatistician at Genentech, where he helped develop several early stage cancer immunotherapy molecules across various solid tumors. In addition to his clinical work, he collaborated with translational scientists to analyze high-throughput genomics biomarker data to inform the clinical pipeline and the design of new clinical trials. Kwame most recently formed his own consulting company, primarily focused on assisting small pharmaceutical companies that use T-cell engineering as a basis to fight cancer.

Kwame has a bachelors degree in mathematics and received his PhD in statistics from the University of Maryland at College Park.