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Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
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Holly Huntington, RN, BSN

Director, Compliance and Innovation

Clinical Development


Holly Huntington, RN, BSN, currently serves as Director, Compliance and Innovation at PICI.

Prior to joining PICI, Huntington successfully filled diverse roles over her 20+ years working for a variety of pharma/biotech companies ranging in size from startup to very large. She stumbled into her research career by answering a newspaper wanted-ad for a “Research RN.” Clinical research provided a home and spring-board for her passion and drive to find better ways to decrease the suffering of disease. Oncology quickly became her favored indication while working on a Herceptin breast cancer trial as a Research RN.

Huntington stepped into the director role at PICI to lead a talented and highly motivated team of four individuals with two active trials. The clinical operations team has grown under her leadership to 17 exceptional individuals to meet the increased number of active trials as well as satisfy the demands and complexities of adaptive trial design. Huntington’s depth of experience stemming from a diverse and unique clinical background has come together at PICI to build a strong clinical operations team and infrastructure to support and execute novel clinical trials.