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Immunotherapy 2.0: Improving the Response to Checkpoint Inhibitors

PICI CEO and President Jeff Bluestone is quoted in this feature article. Also featured are PICI director and co-director Jim Allison and Padmanee Sharma, as well as PICI researchers Robert Vonderheide, Jennifer Wargo and Matt Hellmann.

In 2013, Science named cancer immunotherapy its Breakthrough of the Year, and in 2018, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to the 2 researchers who helped established this paradigm-shifting approach to cancer treatment.

James Allison, PhD, of MD Anderson Cancer Center and Tasuku Honjo, PhD, of Kyoto University, Japan, shared the prize for elucidating 2 different immune checkpoint pathways that put the brakes on CD8+ T cells, dampening their killer instincts and preventing them from destroying cancerous cells.

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