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Silicon Valley’s Tech Elite Zoom in on CRISPR

[…] Crispr-based cancer treatments are of particular interest to Silicon Valley’s tech elite. The first human trial in the US kicked off this year, financed by the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, a charity set up by Sean Parker of Napster and Facebook fame.

“At some point I got frustrated with the monoculture of the consumer internet world,” he remarked onstage. “It was unsatisfying spending all our time making products that were as addictive as possible.” And working with scientists like Alex Marson, a biologist and infectious disease doctors at UC San Francisco, takes him back to a time when the work, not the valuation, was the true reward.

“Where we are now with biotech feels quite a bit like where we were with information technology in the late 1990s,” said Parker. “When we were just interested in building these products that we thought would make the world a better place.”

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