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Bay Area Tech Titan Sean Parker Reaches Out to Unheard-Of Biotech to Confront Immunotherapy

The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy is teaming up with a new partner, Singapore-based Tessa Therapeutics in a bid to take T cell immunotherapy to the next level. The two entities will combine forces to conduct cancer immunotherapy research using a combination of cellular therapy and immuno-oncology treatments. Tessa Therapeutics will provide the Parker Institute with its Virus Specific T Cell technology, which the institute said “holds the promise of becoming a treatment platform for a wide variety of cancer indications.” The two companies will work together on clinical and pre-clinical immunotherapy projects. The deal with Tessa seems to have come together quickly for the Parker Institute. Writing in Endpoints on Sunday, John Carroll said Fred Ramsdell, the Parker Institute’s vice president for research, only recently heard about Tessa Therapeutics. But, what he’s heard about the company’s T Cell technology seems to fit hand-in-glove with the research being conducted by the Parker Institute.

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