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All Antigens Are Not Created Equal | Unique Tumor Mutations Called Neoantigens Could Hold the Key to Personalized Cancer Therapies

The immune system dispatches marauding cells that can quickly determine if an encountered cell is something harmful that needs to be eliminated, or if it is something that contributes to the greater collective good. While these cells have evolved to be efficient and discriminating, biological scenarios often emerge causing these “immuno-bouncers” to become lax in their ID-checking prowess—cancer being the most notable of these circumstances.

…Finally, this past December, the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy and the Cancer Research Institute launched a new collaboration on cancer neoantigens, entitled TESLA for tumor neoantigeselection alliance. TESLA is set to include 30 of the world’s leading cancer neoantigen research groups from both academia and industry to test algorithms that predict tumor markers from DNA in the hunt for new personalized cancer treatments.

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