Research Cores

The Parker Institute provides extensive resources and the central coordination needed to empower its scientists’ pursuit of their boldest research ambitions. We are investing extensively in the development of core resources that will provide all of our researchers with dedicated and easy access to the tools and capabilities that will allow them to pursue their research aims most efficiently.

Drugs, Technologies and Partnerships

The Institute will strike deals with companies to access novel research technologies, reagents and drugs, and cutting edge immune system analysis tools to empower the Parker Institute’s clinical and preclinical research efforts. The Institute will also invest in certain centralized infrastructure for its researchers including tools for single-cell analysis, cell and antibody manufacture, and genetic engineering of next-gen cell therapies.

Immune Monitoring

This resource offers members specialized assays that monitor the effects and efficacy of immunotherapies and vaccination strategies that are becoming increasingly important alternatives or adjuvants to conventional cancer treatment. In addition, pathogens have been implicated in the etiology of many cancers, and the Parker Institute will offer an array of methodologies for pathogen identification.

Genomics and Sequencing

A state-of-the-art genomics facility will deliver unencumbered, comprehensive and cost-effective access to cutting-edge genomics technologies and all necessary services, expertise and scientific support.


Bioinformatics uses powerful new computing resources to let scientists gather, store, and analyze biological and genetic information Solving “big data” problems and providing focused computational resources is critical in driving breakthroughs. We are focused on attracting the best computer scientists to bring their expertise to bear on these problems.

Data Sharing

Our affiliated scientists will have easy access to clinical samples with well-annotated, molecularly characterized biospecimens collected through PICI-sponsored clinical trials. Standard operating procedures for sample collection, handling and analysis will minimize site-to-site variability and ensure the available of these resources for future research.  Data derived from clinical trials will be made available to PICI scientists while protecting all patients’ confidential information.

Collaboration Platform

To foster research collaboration and streamline administration across PICI, we have built a proprietary internal software platform to foster information sharing, discussion and cross-pollination of ideas.  All member researchers have access to the platform.

Clinical Trials Management

The Clinical Trials Management group will enable our scientists to design and lead large, multi-site clinical trials, with the Parker Institute acting as the regulatory sponsor.

IP Development and Licensing

To help ensure optimal protection and development of our scientists’ discoveries, the Parker Institute operates a specialized cancer immunotherapy intellectual property group. Our specialists will work closely with our partners to ensure robust patent protection of all new discoveries and will pursue investments, licenses, sales, spin-offs and other strategies to help develop and monetize each new technology, from preclinical through later-stage development.